by Juha T. Koskinen

for recorder, baroque violin, viola da gamba & harpsichord

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Juha T. Koskinen


Music Finland


In Superborea three traditions meet: a modern composition for baroque
instruments, music from a baroque opera, and the language of modern
dance. To make it a whole, lights, video projections and electronic
sound design are added.

The components are a new composition by Juha T. Koskinen, a selection
of dances and aria fragments from the opera Les Boréades by
Jean-Philippe Rameau, and in the coreography and dance of Janne
Marja-aho and Kaisa Torkkel. Everything Juha T. Koskinen has composed
for this work is a dialogue with the music of Rameau; partly it still
recognisable as baroque music, partly it has gone through a
metamorphosis to 21st century musical language.


rec, vln, gamba, cemb


Chamber Works, Works for the Stage


Baroque Ensemble Cornucopia: Pekka Silén, recorder, Louna Hosia, viola da gamba, Marianna Henriksson, harpsichord, Hannu Vasara, violin, Janne Marja-aho & Kaisa Torkkel, dance & choreography, Kimmo Karjunen, visual director, Jaakko Kulomaa, sound engineer, Helsinki, Finland, November 9, 2017


1. Air, 2. Water, 3. Fire, 4. Earth

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Commissioned by Baroque Ensemble Cornucopia:

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