Suonno per quartetto d'archi

by Paola Livorsi

Empty sheet

Paola Livorsi

Suonno per quartetto d'archi

Music Finland


Suonno (2003-2004) has been influenced by a previous work for solo tape, Vuoto (2003)

(the title means ‘empty’ in Italian, ‘flow’ in Finnish) : there I worked with four points in space and structures based on movements from a point to another and their combinations.

In Suonno I applied the same principles at a larger scale, trying to think the opposition and complementarity of square and circle. Interwoven plans are signaled by different ways of sound production : the intention is not however to underline differences, but to let emerge a continuous flow of sound, of energies, moving from a totally inner world to the outside world, but also to an imaginary land.

When possible, amplification may be used to underline the spatial idea.

The title comes from a fragment by the writer Erri De Luca: "I realized that in Italian exist two words, dream and sleep, where the Neapolitan has just one, suonno. For us it's the same thing." (Erri De Luca, Montedidio, 2001).

The work was premiered by the Arditti Quartet, at the Takefu International Music Festival 2004.

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Arditti Quartet, Takefu, June 12, 2004.

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Commissioned by the Takefu International Music Festival (Japan).

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