String Quartet No. 1

by Juha T. Koskinen

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Juha T. Koskinen

String Quartet No. 1

Fennica Gehrman


String Quartet No. 1 is my first piece which has a traditional title instead of an individual or a poetical one. In my opinion this means mainly two things : I’d like to see my music within a certain tradition or traditions and also I have an idea to write a series of interrelated pieces in future. I consider string quartet an excellent medium for these purposes. Anyhow there is a strong relationship in my String Quartet with my earlier music: in the middle section I have integrated two quotations from my second opera 'Madame de Sade' (1998) which is based on the play by Yukio Mishima. My String Quartet No. 1 is written for Quatuor Diotima and it is commissioned by Takefu International Music Festival.

© Juha T. Koskinen 2005


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Chamber Works


Diotima Quartet, Takefu International Music Festival, Takefu, Japan, 5 September 2005.

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Commissioned by the Takefu International Music Festival.

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