Ssh! Ovi aamumaahan

by Harri Suilamo

Music video by Timo Lähteenmäki

SSH! a door to morningland

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Harri Suilamo

Ssh! Ovi aamumaahan


The music video Ssh! a door to morningland is a nocturnal journey of a little boy to a dark deserted house. It is an independent work of video art created and directed by Timo Lähteenmäki on a musical basis offered by Aiva. The video was shot in the middle of the summer 1997 during a few dewy, rainy nights under a ramshackle roof of an old flour millers house between a grassy bluff and stony rapids of clayey Salo river.

© Harri Suilamo, 2001


2232/4230/12/1, piano, electric harpsichord, accordion, electric guitar, saxophone, strings: 8-8-6-6-4


Works for the Screen, TV and Radio


Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Tuomas Ollila. Directed by Timo Lähteenmäki.

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