Songs of Empty Landscapes

by Joel Järventausta

for alto saxophone (or clarinet in Bb), piano, violin, viola, cello

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Joel Järventausta

Songs of Empty Landscapes

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Songs of Empty Landscapes is a piece in 7 short movements - Prelude, Haze, Snowriver, Lullaby, Earth Red, Grey-Blue and Postlude. The piece was inspired by minimalist photography, specifically the nature images of Bruce Percy. These photographs depict a variety of different ‘empty’ landscapes from white snowy plains to vast deserted lands.

The music is not minimalist in style, however I did attempt to capture some of the vagueness, emptiness and apparent simplicity that these photographs, or indeed, any empty landscape evokes. Each movement is a piece of its own providing a window into one landscape, yet musical material is shared throughout the whole work. All movements deal with melody and lyricism, hence the reference to a song in the title.

I Prelude opens the piece with the lonesome singing of the violin.

II A thick texture dominates Haze. This is punctured by ringing chords, like church bells sounding in the mist.

III Snowriver is an abstract depiction of a cold running river in deep winter.

IV Lullaby is a slow, wistful piano trio.

V Earth Red is inspired by barren, scorched desert landscapes.

VI In Grey-Blue the fragile, melancholic soundworld, reflects upon undulating hills of snow-covered lands.

VII Postlude concludes the work, with the low humming of the cello.


asax/cl, pno, vln, vla, vlc


Chamber Works


Uusinta Ensemble, József Hárs, cond. Tampere Biennale, April 2, 2020, Tampere, Finland


1. Prelude, 2. Haze, 3. Snowriver, 4. Lullaby, 5. Earth Red, 6. Grey-Blue, 7. Postlude

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Commissioned by Uusinta Ensemble

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