by Sebastian Brenner

for clarinet quintet

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Sebastian Brenner


Music Finland


Solbärgning is composed after finnish-swedish poet Arvid Mörnes work from the beginning of the 20th century by the same name. The first text Vallmo is of a quite political and at times even manic nature. I did not wish to make a political statement with this work in these times, rather look for ways to comfort the listener. I think people, especially men, through time have lived in extreme pain. I can’t find a way to justify continuing these scarred mens’ message through time. Instead, the music of Vallmo seeks to comfort these sad boys behind the faces of angry men and transforms their messages of hate and mania into nostalgic longings of childish joy, love and excitement.

The second part Kornknarren brings out the real boyish charm of the poet and depicts the wonder of a specific bird not seen often, if not at all in todays world. It is a bird that sometimes may be heard but not to easily seen.

The third part Havsvår strives to comfort this stressed anger still evident in men of today by also showing it and facing it in a safe space.


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