Six Drawings

by Markus Fagerudd

Hommage a Hundetrwasser

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Markus Fagerudd

Six Drawings

Uusinta Publishing Company

fl, ob, cl+bcl, bsn, hn


Chamber Works


Wasa Quintet: Eva Hillebrandt, flute, Siri Ilanko, oboe, John Alén, clarinet, Samuli Pataila, bassoon, Vesa Ania, horn, Vaasa, December 4, 2005


1. Emu and the Ugricranes, 2. Penguins in autumnal light, 3. Chicken-choir, 4. The Lone Technicolor Chameleon, 5. Bird Reynold breaks loose, 6. Camel Loops

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