Sinfonia Piccola No. 304

by Leif Segerstam


Symphony No. 304

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Leif Segerstam

Sinfonia Piccola No. 304

Music Finland


Threads of music is the new name of this new 304th Sinfonia piccola i notated last summer.... On the score page which feels
like the home page of your musical thoughts when you surf and click it is like taking
the musical threads of sounds in your scrutinizing focus and feel, see, hear
and sense the potentials of all next thoughts developing from that point, like
when you arrange your hair or form layers of vegetation in your garden or
actually how you paint with threads of musical colors the sound carpets for your
spectacles of tones mixing and interplaying in consonances and dissonances to
make the message these threads emit to the receiver, the listener in an
exiting experiencephenomenological drama translated from the live music into
the soul and heart opened for the occasion. this time it is Nordic atmospheres
that inspire the vibrations of the threads, I hope you feel them inviting to
come to the land of their origin, warm and eternally light in summer, dark and
cold in the winter, but with this vigorous and contrasting stamina it is unique, only in the Nordic north experienceable... and more and more Chinese visitors
are taking the exciting challenge to go back to the end of the silky ways
leading to the land of Kalevala and viking neighbors... Use this music as an
appetizer for such a visit, welcome.

Leif Segerstam


2222 4331 13 2, 2pno, str


Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble


Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra. April 14, 2017. Shenzhen, China.

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