Serpent [work in progress]

by Jani Kääriä



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Jani Kääriä

Serpent [work in progress]


The story recounts a spiritual journey to the underworld, during which the characters learn wisdom as well as magic. Their vision is pure and full of nostalgia, although the sudden death of one of the characters ia caused by the snakes. The image of the serpent is presented with respect, the underworld becomes luminous and the people win power and admiration. The central question of the opera is the way in which strong faith is enchanted in the depth of magic and what finally remains visible in the underworld. The dead character calls on his friend since in the end we all experience a giant serpent. Many remain hopeful. This is a love-filled, dreamy work with poetic and radical characters. The opera is about the eye of a Serpent and how it affects the people in the opera. I've planned the music to be especially soft, rich with nuances and expressive loud and out with clear orchestration.


Characters:Sasha, tenor; Misha, tenor; René, baryton; Vesna, soprano; Hypnos, bassobaryton; Nefer, mezzosopranSide characters:Man 1-5; woman; doorman, tenor; Monsterserpent, baryton.All side characters appear in the choir, the entire choir being 8-16 people.Orchestra, 3 dancers


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Premiere English libretto: Jani Kaaria, translation checking: Simon Wickham-Smith2004: 55 minutes of pianoscore and 5 minute sof orchestral score ready.

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