Ripped Tapestry

by Joel Järventausta

for orchestra

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Joel Järventausta

Ripped Tapestry


Ripped Tapestry is built of five short movements, all responding to the famous anonymous medieval tune - l’homme armé - in either structural, harmonic or melodic ways. The title refers to the idea of an imaginary tapestry - depicting the armed man - destroyed, ripped apart resulting in an abstracted version of the original. The music follows in this vein.

Ripped Tapestry is a sister piece to Stonewalls (2017) which responds to a medieval plainchant too, however not from France but Finland.


Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble


Recipient of 1st Prize in the 7th Edition of the Île de Créations Composition Competition.


Orchestre national d'Ile de France, Antony Hermus, cond, March 29, 2019, Philharmonie de Paris, Paris


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