Red moon

by Markku Klami

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Markku Klami

Red moon

Music Finland


red moon was commissioned by Uusinta Chamber Ensemble. Being my first work for a string quartet, I wanted to stay away from getting in panic with the burden generated by the enormous repertoire written for this ensemble throughout the centuries. Of course, one needs to be aware of the past and the history of this ensemble of an almost transcendent beauty, fragility and power, all simultaneously.

red moon is a string quartet in a single movement, divided into four sections entitled Introduction, Ignition, Illumination and ad Infinitum.

I want to thank Uusinta Chamber Ensemble for this great opportunity to write a new work for top-of-the-line Finnish string quartet and Madetoja Foundation and Teosto Commission Fund for financial support towards this commission.

- Markku Klami

Work commentary for the premiere of red moon at Suså Festival 2011 in Næstved, Denmark on September 4, 2011


2vln, vla, vlc


Chamber Works


1. Introduction, 2. Ignition, 3. Illumination, 4. ad Infinitum

Commisioned by / dedications

Commissioned by Uusinta Chamber Ensemble, dedications: "Uusinta String Quartet".

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