Rap, stidi, pulp

by Riikka Talvitie

akusmaattinen sonaatti (an acousmatic sonata)

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Riikka Talvitie

Rap, stidi, pulp


Rap, stidi, pulp is a piece of concrete music. I have used 14 different every-day sounds, some of which are reversed or cut. The first minute of the piece could be called a quotation of Beethoven. It is a translation or an image of the fifth pianosonata (op. 10 no. 1).
Exposition is mono.
Later in the development section stereo-space articulates two-part counterpoint.
Finally space is free.
In the front sound is loud and dry, in the back it is soft and echo.

© Riikka Talvitie


tape (DAT/CD)


Electro-acoustic Works

Premiere Fp: SACMUS, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, May 19, 1998

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