by Maria Kallionpää

Regentropfen, Regentropfen

Hommage à John Cage

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Maria Kallionpää


Music Finland


- Q: Why doesn't your music have any structure? A (John Cage): My music is a process. Like the weather.

The above quotation was the inspiration behind my work “Raindrops/Regentropfen”. The form and essence of each raindrop is unpredictable and unique, which is why I decided to derive the applied composition techniques from serialism, thus giving importance to every little musical particle. Although most of my compositions have a relation to the said compositional style in one way or another, it is most visible in this particular solo piano work. Instead of consisting of dramatic virtuoso passages, “Raindrops/Regentropfen” is a study of the expressive potential of individual pitches. In the last movement of the piece I attempt to combine the control of serialism with absolute freedom (free pitch and octave ranges), which, perhaps, could be interpreted as a form of heresy!

Maria Kallionpää




Works for Solo Instrument


First performance: Maria Kallionpää, piano. Sibelius Museum Turku, 4.11.2011. Part of the Turku Culture Capital 2011 program.


I - The Window and the Drops/Das Fenster und die TropfenII - The Play of the Drops/Das Spiel der TropfenIII - The Surface/Die OberflächeIV - The Reflection/Die Spiegelung

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