Quatuor No. 2

by Sid Hille

In Farben

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Sid Hille

Quatuor No. 2

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‘Quatuor no. 2 - In Farben’ was composed during the years 2009/2010. The work consists of four movements: 1. In Rot, 2. In Blau, 3. In Grün (Tanz), 4. In Schwarz.

‘In Rot’ has a rock feel in the odd meter of 7/4. The slow movement ‘In Blau’ has an elaborate contrapuntal texture based on modernistic Blues harmonies. ‘In Grün (Tanz)’ is a 3/4-waltz, a light dance at the beginning that grows into a wild and grotesque whirling towards the end. The last movement ‘In Schwarz’ returns to the 7/4 time signature, but this time with fast jazz-like melodies and harmonies and a virtuosic culmination before resolving into a bright C-major ending.


2vln, vla, vlc


Chamber Works


1. In Rot, 2. In Blau, 3. In Grün, 4. In Schwarz

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