by Sid Hille

for String Quartet

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Sid Hille


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'Quatuor' is Sid Hille's first string quartet.

It was composed in summer 2004.

As one of the points of departure Hille employs the augmented scale, the harmonic implications of which are dealt with in the first movement 'Mit Bestimmtheit' on the basis of an african 12/8-rhythm.

The second movement 'Ruhig-Bewegt' originates in a melodic motif based on the diminuished scale. This motif and its variations find themselves intertwined in a contrapuntal environment.

The third movement 'Lebhaft' has some jazz influences: strong rhythmical unisono sections, the ostinato figure in the cello and the quasi improvised melodical dialogue in the violins create a very lively mood.

In the first and third movement there are sections where the musicians are requested to improvise on the basis of scales and some given melodic examples.


2vln, vla, vlc


Chamber Works


1. Mit Bestimmtheit, 2. Ruhig - Bewegt, 3. Lebhaft

Commisioned by / dedications

Dedicated to Prof. G√ľnther Reichelt

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