Quartetto per corno, cornetta, trombone basso ed organo

by Jouko Linjama

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Jouko Linjama

Quartetto per corno, cornetta, trombone basso ed organo

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The Quartet was comissioned by the Lieksa Brass Week Festival and it was first performed at the Lieksa church on August 1, 2002. The piece consists of one movement, which is clearly devided into four parts. The first part with its´ b-a-c-h-subject is in memoriam to my organ teacher Enzio Forsblom. Instead of a development section there are a short Scherzo with circulating triads and ninths, and a slow movement following it. The actual development section is the last part, which ends with a fast repetition fuga instead of recapitulation. Thus the piece resembles of a sonata, but it isn´t in the sonata form. The material of the composition appears to be tonal, but it is multidimensional in its´ tonality. The piece was probably written before 1750.

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hn, cornet, btrb, org


Chamber Works

Opus no.

op. 113a


Touko Lundell, trumpet, Petri Komulainen, horn, Jussi Vuorinen, trombone, Jan Lehtola, organ, Lieksa Brass Week, Lieksa, 1 Aug 2002.

Commisioned by / dedications

Commissioned by Lieksan vaskiviikot 2002, dedications: "Ensio Forsblom in memoriam".

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