by Perttu Haapanen

for orchestra

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Perttu Haapanen


Music Finland


Why to compose a variation form today? Probably you should not, but if you decide to do that, then you have to do it in a bizarre way. In my opinion a composer's attitude on a theme can't be immodest enough. Either only a structural variation, a superficial ornamentation or parodies in a style are not interesting in itself. Technically this piece consists of variations of a well-known theme. They have different kinds of formal functions and characters. An important thing is that all of variations are mostly structural variations, but in every of them the relation to the original theme is clear and audible. For me, the most interesting variations are those formally modulated by, for example, tempo, character or texture functions. A relevant point of view for a composer composing orchestral variations could be, that one has to write different kind of orchestration than in very common impressionistic way of writing.

© Perttu Haapanen, 2003


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Norway 2003

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