by Sebastian Fagerlund

for Strings & Percussion

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Sebastian Fagerlund


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My music has often been described as fast and flowing. When Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen, Sounds of the Cathedral- Festival and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra wanted to commission a new work with a meditative quality I was very inspired by the challenge of moving towards relatively new musical grounds and at the same time remaining faithful to my own musical expression. The music is slow in pace but contains nevertheless a strong sense of progression.

The title Preghiera (Prayer) is not meant to stand in context to any certain religion. I have instead wanted to create a musical prayer which everyone can concieve in there own way. One might say a prayer for everyones personal, inner, spiritual world.

© Sebastian Fagerlund 2008


perc, str


Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble


Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Sounds from the Cathedral (Kyrkjelyd), Stavanger, April 9, 2008

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Commissioned by Sounds of the Cathedral Festival & Stavanger Symphony Orchestra

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