Piñatas, Glitter and Stilettos

by Itzam Zapata

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Itzam Zapata

Piñatas, Glitter and Stilettos

Music Finland


Piñatas, Glitter and Stilettos

A canvas full of images from my life.

Piñatas: decorated containers full of candy, often used in children birthdays parties- celebrations of life. Glitter: assortment of very small, flat, reflective particles- the beauty of reflections, of sparkling things. Stilettos: if you are a male, a dagger, if you are a female, a high heel - ambiguity, mental constructions.

1-Angels have a pink hair- A prelude, full of dirty spiritualism, spirituality in the electronic world.

2-Rock-paper-scissors- one of my favorite games, a metaphor for 3 objects, going back and forth between the instruments.

3-Del odio nace el amor (“Love emerges from hate”)- a long singlehanded process from hatred to love.

4-Alebrijes- mexican folk art sculptures of imaginary creatures often full of many different colors.

5-Kaleidoscopic dance- I have always loved kaleidoscopes, her system of ever-changing surfaces, his color processing tools, her economy of material, his endless variation.

6-La llorona (“The weeping woman”)- A legend: A women who kills his children and then commits suicide out of guilt, denied a place in heaven, she returns as a ghost, wandering at night weeping for his lost children forever. Also a popular folk tune of love and pain that may be derived from the legend.

7-Silver lining- as in “Every cloud has a silver lining”, a metaphor for optimism.

- Itzam Zapata -


fl, cl/bcl, vln, vlc, pno


Chamber Works


1st prize in the Frank Robert Abell Young Composer Competition for New Chamber Music (2014)


Uusinta Ensemble, conductor József Hárs. Klang musiikkisarja, Helsinki, Finland, 2013


1. Angels have a pink hair, 2. Rock-paper-scissors, 3. Del odio nace el amor, 4. Alebrijes, 5. Kaleidoscopic dance, 6. La llorona, 7. Silver lining

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