Piano Trio Op. 96

by Aulis Sallinen

"Les Visions Fugitives"

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Aulis Sallinen

Piano Trio Op. 96



The sensuous world of a painter going gradually blind is in the end condemned to function only with the support of memory. With it’s assistance he knows how the yellow and blue colour sound together, but he does not hear, nor see it any more. Out of this idea are born the ‘fugitive visions’. All the three movements of the piano trio (Moderato-Adagio-Allegro), which follow each other without pause, have the same fate - the musical texture is determined to flee, to disappear. When writing this composition - commissioned by The Naantali Music Festival (Finland) for the summer 2010 - I have kept all the time in mind the three outstanding Finnish musicians, the future performers of the piece: Ralf Gothòni (piano), Elina Vähälä (violin) and Arto Noras (violoncello).© Aulis Sallinen


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Commissioned by Naantali Music Festival.

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