Piano Quintet

by Olli Mustonen

for two violins, viola, violoncello and piano

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Olli Mustonen

Piano Quintet

Schott Music


The first movement of my Piano Quintet is filled with drama and passion. Its atmosphere can be related to my Second Symphony Johannes Angelos. The second movement is a set of polyphonic variations in a form reminiscent of a passacaglia. The music seems to be hypnotized by a theme consisting of a chromatic cluster of ten notes. In the beginning of the last movement, materials from the previous movements start to reappear, but this time in a mysterious, incoherent way. The strings find new music resembling a fragmented hymn. Fast-moving triplets start to appear and the music reaches a joyful and ecstatic conclusion.

- Olli Mustonen


2vln, vla, vlc, pno


Chamber Works


Christian Tetzlaff, Violine; Florian Donderer, Violine; Hartmut Rohde, Viola; Gustav Rivinius, Violoncello; Olli Mustonen, Klavier, 12. Juni 2015 Heimbach, RWE-Kraftwerk (D) Festival "Spannungen" 2015


I Drammatico e passionato, II Quasi una passacaglia (Andantino), III Finale (Misterioso)

Commisioned by / dedications

Auftragswerk des Kunstförderverein Kreis Düren e.V. für das Kammermusikfest "Spannungen Musik im Kraftwerk Heimbach 2015“, des Festivals O/MODƏRNT und der Wigmore Hall

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