Peppe Jalava Band

by Pertti Jalava

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Pertti Jalava

Peppe Jalava Band


2 Saxophones / flute, trombone, el.guitar / harmonica, keyboard, bass, drums




Jaakko Martikainen: saxophone Antti Hermaja: trombone Erkki Huovinen: guitar and harmonica

2008-2009Ari Polojärvi: guitar 2010-Mikko Multamäki: bassPertti Jalava: drums and piano


Suuri vipu - A Huge LeverLusikka soppaan! - Put Your Spoon Into the SoupKrokotiili Can-can - Crocodile Can-can*Maaginen matkalaukku - The Magical Suitcase*Sateinen - Rainy*Susi ei kysele - A Wolf Doesn´t Make Any Questions*Menneen vapun huisku - A Whisk of a May-Day Past*Mehiläisen tanssi - The Dance of a Bee*Hektinen vain! - Just a Hec!*Sukellus - Diving*Broadcasted by YLE1

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