Păsări şi cruci

by Adina Dumitrescu

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Adina Dumitrescu

Păsări şi cruci


When the sculptor Constantin Brâncuşi began to develop the project of the Endless Column., the idea of a column to the sky was still alive in the Romanian folk beliefs. Its concrete form found in the prechristian funeral column adorned with the soul bird (păsări – birds in Romanian) appears together with the cross (cruci – crosses in Romanian) and the roadside crucifix (troiţă) as the one of the most important funeral features of the tradition. The carved wood column defends the tomb and the bird – usually a pigeon - represents the soul of the dead. The wood pigeon remains on the column as long as the soul wanders in this world, usually for three weeks. After that it flies up and goes slowly towards the eternal world.

© Adina Dumitrescu 2007


flute /altoflute and videotape


Chamber Works, Electro-acoustic Works

Premiere Fp : Klanglandschaft mit Brâncuşi, concert-hommage à Constantin Brâncuşi, Sylvie Lacroix, flute / altoflute, Vienna (Austria), December 14, 2007

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