Oxygene 13

by Markku Klami

Remix of music composed by Jean-Michel Jarre

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Markku Klami

Oxygene 13


This was the first cover version that I have ever made. The whole project got started when the Norwegian Jarre Fanclub announced a competition in the summer of 1998. The idea was that Jarre fans around the world would make their own versions of Jarre's music and send these versions to the fanclub that would make an official Jarre Tribute CD of them. The fanclub received 257 demo songs from 85 artists in 25 countries attending the competition, so they had to choose 29 songs (28 remixes and one original composition) that would be included on the album. My version of 'Oxygene 13' was accepted on the album, so this is the first published work from me.

The project took about four years to complete, and now the results have been published: a double album was released on September 7th, 2002! The album contains at least one cover song from every Jarre album, with the styles variating from 'classic synthesizer music' to techno / dance. I think this album is a very exciting compilation of synthesizer-based music . The album is a limited edition of 1000 copies and it is already being sold at the official Jarretribute Web-site, located at www.jarretribute.com

© Markku Klami




Orchestrations and Arrangements


Featured on Jarre Forever Tribute CD album, September 7th 2002.

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