by Pekka Koivisto

for flute, guitar, accordion and cello

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Pekka Koivisto


Music Finland


Overture was composed between June - August of 2022. It was commissioned by Hiss Quartet, a Helsinki based quartet consisting of cellist Artturi Aalto, accordionist Manca Dornik, flutist Livia Schweizer & guitarist Teuvo Taimioja. Overture is intended as a concert overture that explores the possibilities of expressive contrasts. The piece has two dominating textures: either the music is very intense, fast and loud or it is very quiet, relatively slow and calm. The idea of building a piece on these kind of expressive polarities came to me partially from listening concerto grossos, concertos and trio sonatas from the 17th and 18th century where such methods in controlling the expressive narrative of a composition were common.


fl, guit, acc, vlc


Chamber Works


Hiss Quartet, Kitara Nova Festival, September 11, 2022, Helsinki

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Commissioned by Hiss Quartet

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