One Goes Around

by Kimmo Laaksonen

for piano, violin and cello

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Kimmo Laaksonen

One Goes Around

Music Finland


The basic idea of this composition relies on movement and transformation of the musical material. The basic material is transposed and transformed differently in different instruments (piano, violin and cello). Occasionally the materials “find each other” and at some points they diverge. In other words the instruments are at times more or less “arguing” amongst themselves and at times they “come together” and find the common ground.


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Chamber Works


Jean-Samuel Bez, Guillaume Lagravière et Gauvain de Morant (Trio Spilliaert), November 28, 2020 at 4:00 pm at Espace Toots, rue Stuckens 125 to 1140 Evere,.Bryssel, Belgia

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