Ohne Ausdruck

by Magnus Lindberg

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Magnus Lindberg

Ohne Ausdruck


Magnus Lindberg returned to the EMS studio in Stockholm during the summer of 1978. Ohne Ausdruck (Without expression) is an algorithmic composition, based on the same procedure as Etwas zarter. The tape was first performed during the first concert entirely devoted to Magnus Lindberg, organised by the Sibelius Academy in 1983.

© Risto Nieminen, 1993

translated by © Nick Le Quesne

© Ircam - Centre Georges-Pompidou, 1993

(From Magnus Lindberg, Helsinki 1996)

Pendant l'été 1978, Magnus Lindberg est revenu au studio EMS à Stockholm. Ohne Ausdruck (Sans expression) est une composition algorithmique, établie sur les mêmes procédures que Etwas zarter. La bande fut créée pendant le premier concert monographique de Magnus Lindberg, organisé par l'académie Sibelius en avril 1983.

© Risto Nieminen, 1993

© Ircam - Centre Georges-Pompidou, 1993

(From Magnus Lindberg, Ircam 1993)




Electro-acoustic Works


Realized at the EMS Studio, Stockholm. Fp: Helsinki, April 15, 1983.

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