"...of the Lost One..."

by Maria Kallionpää

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Maria Kallionpää

"...of the Lost One..."

Music Finland



Piano solo

3 Flutes (second doubling Piccolo)

3 Oboes

3 Clarinets in B flat

3 Bassoons (third doubling Contra Bassoon)

3 Horns (F)

3 Trumpets (B flat)

3 Trombones (2 tenor, 1 bass)

1 Tuba

1 Harp

1 Celesta


Percussion (1 player)



Orchestral Bells

Strings (

Programme Note, “Of the Lost One...”

I started composing this work two years after the performance of my first piano concerto Zahir, bearing in mind that I wanted to create something different and contrasting to the previous work that was merely my contemporary response to the tradition of a virtuoso piano concerto. Of the Lost One...” is somewhat strictly pre-structured but at the same time I wanted to hold on to the musical drama in the course of music (that has always been faschinating my mind).

The whole work is basically derivable to a certain circular chordal progression with some complementary harmonies; however it also contains a very short Bach quotation which shows itself only briefly like a glimpse from the past ( this can also be intepreted from a pianistic perspective!).

The name “Of the Lost One..” symbolizes different things for everyone; all of us have certain things or moments that we have lost in some way or another. On the other hand, the title can also be understood like an excerpt of a discussion that one accidentally hears from aside. Who or what was lost? Why? - Such questions might stay tingling one´s mind for a long time. At the end one will or will not find answers.

© Maria Kallionpää


3333 3331 11 1, cel, str, pno solo [pic, cbsn, str: 12-10-8-6-4]


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