Nine-channeled Pearl

by Maija Hynninen

for piano quintet

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Maija Hynninen

Nine-channeled Pearl

Fennica Gehrman


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In ancient Chinese tradition Nine-Channeled Pearl is a small wooden ball that has a hole with curved joints. Threading it with a silk thread requires patience, dexterity, calmness, focus, and intention – the use of technique and not force. Piano quintet Nine-Channeled Pearl (2022) seeks a state of effortless flow. Beginning with rhythmical gamelan-inspired movement it continues through twirling scales that lead to the heart of the piece – a sonorous bell-like harmonic on the piano. This is the moment of stillness and concentration where the silk thread appears on the opposite side of the pearl. From this calm center the music continues floating in a dream-like world ending with a chorale played by the strings.

Maija Hynninen (2022)


2vln, vla, vlc, pno


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