by Paola Livorsi

per pianoforte e percussione, for piano and percussion

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Paola Livorsi


Music Finland


Napenda (2005-06) in swahili, means " I love". The idea comes from a poem by Erri De Luca: it contains different versions of the verb "to love", in different languages. Love is intended in rather an universal than a personal meaning: in the poem are also mentioned several names of God. In the work are present echoes of Eastern traditions, with Chinese, Burman, Japanese instruments, and also an African drum, the daraboukka. I have been interested in Eastern culture and way of thinking since many years and I particularly appreciate the way Eastern people respect silence and listen to music: silence is not experienced as a mere void, but as a space pregnant with meaning, a living presence shared by the listeners. And also music comes from silence.

The work is dedicated to the Duo Arcobaleni (Silvia Belfiore, pf, Maurizio Ben Omar, perc).

© Paola Livorsi


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Chamber Works


Silvia Belfiore, piano, Maurizio Ben Omar, percussion, Omaggio a Niccolò Castiglione festival, Acqui Terme, Italy, October 7, 2006.

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Commissioned by Silvia Belfiore for the Omaggio a Niccolò Castiglione festival, Acqui Terme, Italy; Dedication: a Silvia e Maurizio.

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