Murmurs and Screams from Soulful Old Stones

by Leif Segerstam

mostly of granite...

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Leif Segerstam

Murmurs and Screams from Soulful Old Stones

Music Finland

2-1-10-1/0/433/20213/4, piano. also available for symphony orchestra without strings: 4361/6543/13, piano (If played by symphony orchestra: 5th-8th clarinets to be played by 2 flutes and 2 oboes, tenor horns by French horns, baritone horn by trombone. If 3 tubas make a problem then substitute with bassoons.)


Works for Wind Orchestra

Premiere Fp: The Royal Danish Lifeguard's Music, cond. Leif Segerstam, Copenhagen, August 14, 1990
Commisioned by / dedications Dedicated to Raine Koivisto
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