Mi Noche Triste revisited

by Perttu Haapanen

for piano and electronics

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Perttu Haapanen

Mi Noche Triste revisited

Music Finland


"Mi Noche Triste revisited was sparked off by tango - something Haapanen had also used in a floating tango (2007) for solo accordion and Carícias (2010) for string ensemble. Mi Noche Triste revisited engages in dialogue with the tango Mi Noche Triste composed by Samuel Castriota in 1915 and made highly popular by the recording by tango legend Carlos Gardel. The jagged playing with tango rhythms and the highlighting of tango fragments in the piece for piano draw, says Haapanen, "a long tango continuum that grows wider and increasingly aggraviating, a sort of 'tango cathedral'." The original tango piece and a snatch of Gardel's voice across the ages can be detected in the abrupt electronics section. The perspective is sometimes nostalgic, sometimes harsh."

- Auli Särkiö, translated by Susan Sinisalo (for Musica nova Helsinki 2017)


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Written for Paavali Jumppanen

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