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Oleg Larionov


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I have recently finished working on this large-scale piece for brass ensemble with vibraphone and it is being performed almost right away and with most appropriate timing - during the change of seasons from winter to spring. This is what music is about - the changing of constants or metamorphoses and the subjective perceptiveness of changing surroundings, my own musical diary.

The composition consists of two contrasting movements: the slow Winter dreaming and the pulsative Spring up! The sleeping nature is portrayed in the static chorals and the listener will hear the cold winds blowing from time to time. Towards the ending some livelier motives will appear to awaken the dreaming winter and begin the metamorphoses. The next movement is all about rhythm, dialogue, intervention and changing but underneath all the pulsations there are the chorals and the harmony present in the first movement. The potential that was asleep in the beginning springs up to the full, the coldness of the winds turns warmer.

I have also experimented with the time balance between the two movements - I wanted to create an illusion of their lengths. Often the slow movements seem to last longer than the fast ones and my aim was to balance their timing otherwise. After all we all would probably agree to have longer springs and witness the amazing revival of nature!

Oleg Larionov 26.02.2015


trp, hn, 2trb, perc, vibr, dr [perc=crotales/glockenspiel


Chamber Works


Premiere in Turku 2015.


I Winter dreaming, II Spring up!

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