Merelle, maailmalle!

by Pauliina Isomäki

Seawards, out into the world!

3/3 - I -tasoista ohjelmistoa harmonikalle

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Pauliina Isomäki

Merelle, maailmalle!

Opus musicus


Seven pieces for advanced young accordionists. The pieces include technical challenges: independence of left and right hands, legato playing, accents etc. but hopefully also musical expeditions!




Works for Solo Instrument


1. Buenos Aires, buenos tardes, 2. Saksirapu ja muita mereneläviä / The Crab and other Creatures, 3. Veden alla / Underwater, 4. Aavikkokävely / Desert Stroll, 5. Bonk, 6. Ranskalainen hetki / A French Moment, 7. Ovien takana... / Behind the Doors...

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