by Ilari Hongisto

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Ilari Hongisto



Matkalla is Finnish and it means to be on the road. The piece is created of sounds of frogs. There is over 100 frogs singing in this piece, but the lowest one is the one to follow – this one is travelling from Asia to Africa, then to South-America, and after North-America to Europe. Listener can imagine what kind of sonic landscapes different frogs from different continents can create.

The sounds of the frogs are used so that they create harmonies and conversations with contrapunctual thinking. They are used for soloists as well. One of the interesting things is the polyrhythmic diversity the frogs create when singing together. There are also a variety of different sonic landscapes in the composition, moving around the listener. The sounds of the frogs are not edited or efected heavily, so that the original nature of the sounds is still there. The pitch of the sounds is also not manipulated.


5.1 tape


Electro-acoustic Works


Ljudoljud-festival, Stockholm 25.5.2011.

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