mask the absence

by Maija Hynninen

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Maija Hynninen

mask the absence

Music Finland


Inspired by the vocal qualities of some extended string techniques, I created a sample library to be used in computer assisted orchestration. Unvoiced vocal sounds transcribe well to all sorts of rattling and fragile pressured string sounds. However, I feel the connection between the original breathing sounds and the bowing techniques on the instrument is hard to conceive – what it means to breathe as a live organism is lost in the transcription. Efforts to transcribe it develop into fascinating, multilayered sound that has a life of its own, but in another domain.


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Chamber Works


IlSuono Contemporary Music Week 22.9.2021, Chiara Franceschini, violin, Giacomo Piermatti, double bass

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The piece written for and premiered at the context of the 5th edition of the ilSUONO Contemporary Music Week.

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