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Manantial (1997-98) was written during my first year in Finland and premiered in Helsinki in 1998. It was presented the same year at Settembre Musica in Turin by the ensemble Antidogma. The Spanish title means « brook » and comes from an unfinished poem of Federico García Lorca (quoted at the beginning of the score) : « Frente al ancho crepúsculo de invierno », « In front of the long winter twilight ».

Central in the work is the idea of communication between human being and nature, of their mutual identification : the protagonist of the poem tries to listen to the voice of a brook, without being able to interpret it ; little by little he transforms himself in other natural elements (for instance in a tree), to experience other ways of comprehension ; one of the verses sounds : « ¡ Dame oídos / que entiendan a las aguas ! » (« Give me ears to understand what waters say ! »).

The Italian ensemble AlterEgo played it at Musica nova Helsinki 2003.

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fl, bcl, vln, vlc, pno


Chamber Works


Heljä Räty, flute, Heikki Nikula, bass clarinet, Erkki Palola, violin, Lea Pekkala, cello, Lauri Kilpiö, piano, cond. Jukka Iisakkila, Ears Open! Society concert, Helsinki, Sibelius Academy, 1998.

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