by Josué Moreno

Weather Madrigals

for reading room and continuo —Harpsichord, archlute, obbligato, and electronics

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Josué Moreno


Music Finland


Madrigali is articulated under the principles of "aural weather," a concept I coined in my doctoral research at the Sibelius Academy. "Aural weather" refers to exploring alternative ways of using musical time and organizing sonic material to create immersive atmospheric environments. The composition is conceived for the Finnish National Archived Old Reading Room in Helsinki.

The work consists of six madrigals and two interludes. Each madrigal presents a different spatial situation with the performers distributed throughout the performance space. During the interludes, the audience and performers can move freely around the space as an electroacoustic "echo" of the preceding madrigals. These electronic sounds are emitted from different heights through the existing architectural surfaces using contact loudspeakers attached to tables, floors, stairs, and bookshelves, transforming the historical elements into resonating audio sources.

To further blend with the venue's acoustics, the ensemble utilises 1/4-comma meantone and just intonation tuning system referenced to G1 at 50 Hz, the electricity frequency in Europe. Each madrigal employs specific notational strategies, including "basso continuo” notation to affect the harmonic identity and performance flexibility.

For several reasons, including health issues and the COVID-19 pandemic, Madrigali was six years in the making. This deeply personal composition is dedicated to my father and cherished friends who passed away during its creation. Fittingly, the contents of the books surrounding the performance space reflect themes of loss and mortality as they consist mainly of wills.


cemb, lute, obbligato, electr


Chamber Works


1. Hands well, kiss cloud; 2. Lost inside, moved little; Interlude: Illud tempus fictio 1; 3. Fears ago; 4. Will find blind; Interlude: Illud tempus fictio 2; 5. Joy be; 6. Things crying help Sun

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Commissioned by Marianna Henriksson and supported by Sibelius Foundation. Designed for the Finnish National Archives Old Reading Room.

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