Lundi rue Christine

by Adina Dumitrescu

for narrator, alto saxophone, piano and viola

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Adina Dumitrescu

Lundi rue Christine

Music Finland


Lundi rue Christine for alto saxophone, viola and speaking pianist could be viewed from two different angles. The first one is related to my concern about the melody determined by the uttered and the musical sound when they have a simultaneous development; the spoken French text influences only the intonation and the melody of the discourse, while the meaning of the words is not at all important.

The second one corresponds to the idea of a sonorous image gallery which is seen in a dynamic dialogue; the voice is now the fourth character, after the three instruments.

This is the principle on which I have created a positive, serene and naturally energetic world, starting from a poem by Guillaume Apollinaire.

The physical structure of this music is determined by the use of simple and very simple modes. The row of apparitions in the general mosaic is built through elementary methods which offer transparency and fluidity to the vocal-instrumental dramaturgy of the work.

© Adina Dumitrescu 2006


asax, pno, vla, speaker


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Alto trio ( Daniel Kientzy, Cornelia Petroiu, Mihai Virtosu), Bucarest, April 17, 2006

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Commissioned by Alto trio

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