by Jennah Vainio

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Jennah Vainio


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The history behind my two organ pieces "Litanie" (2002) and "Intrada" (2005) are linked with my own life. Therefore, they are quite personal and different sounding compared to the rest of my oeuvre. They are both intended to be ceremonial music, but can of course be performed successfully in other circumstances as well. "Litanie" was written in memory of my grandmother, to be played at her funeral ceremony. "Intrada" again, was written for my own wedding. Even though the two pieces reflect different moods, "Litanie" with its melancholy tone, and "Intrada" with its more festive sounding phrases and progressions, they are to an extent built from the same musical material. © Jennah Vainio 2006



Premiere Fp: Jenna Vainio (realisation), Stockholm, October 25, 2002. Fp in Great Britain: Tim Wakerell, Annual festival of new organ music, London, October 14, 2006Fp in Finland: Jan Lehtola, Organo novo festival, Helsinki, November 20, 2011

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