Les arbres sans feuilles

by Maija Hynninen

Préludes pour piano

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Maija Hynninen

Les arbres sans feuilles

Music Finland


In the winter, when the dark bare trunks of deciduous trees contrast sharply against the snow, the delicate network of branches from the tree trunk to the fine details of the tip of the branches becomes visible. While observing the trees one becomes aware of the self-similarity in small details and large scale. Also different species have their own unique pattern of carefully designed crossing paths of branches.

Majestetical aspens, the old oak, the homey apple tree in our jard and birches with their abundant tips of branches swaying in the wind. Trees standing still, waiting silently for the spring while a gust of wind suddenly blows a whirlwind of snow into the air.




Works for Solo Instrument


1. Le chêne, 2. Le pommier, 3. Le tremble, 4. Le bouleau

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