Le Crépuscule des pensées, op. 17

by Teodor Nicolau

For small orchestra

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Teodor Nicolau

Le Crépuscule des pensées, op. 17

Music Finland


On the 3rd of July in 1940, Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union (USSR) occupied the Romanian

region of Bessarabia, which is now known as Moldova. On the same day, the Bessarabian

Orchestra was returning home from a tour abroad. When they reached the railway station,

the invaders had already taken over Bessarabia. The USSR soldiers forced the musicians

to trucks and transported them to a town called Valea Morii. There, they were executed without trial.

This opus is a reminder of this historic episode, being a memorial dedicated

to those musicians who become victims of invaders on that day.


1110 0000 01 1, pno, str [afl, ehn, bcl]


Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble

Opus no.

Op. 17


Helsinki City Hall, March 17, 2013.

Commisioned by / dedications

Commissioned by Jani Lehtonen.

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