by Tuomas Kettunen

Glass Sculpture

for violin, violoncello & piano

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Tuomas Kettunen


Music Finland


The starting point of the work was to treat glass as both a metaphor and a material. In the work, glass inspires music with bright, translucent, reflective and clear-lined surfaces that are both strong and sensitive, soft and sharp, and stagnant and forward-looking. The reference to the sculpture in the title plays with the contradiction between music and sculptural art: a musical work has a beginning, a middle and an end, i.e. it happens in time unlike a sculpture that everyone can experience in a certain place, regardless of time frames.


vln, vlc, pno


Chamber Works


Koiteli Kollektiivi (Reeta Maalismaa, viulu; Riina Salminen, sello; Outi Nissi, piano), Uuden Musiikin Lokakuu -festival, October 2, 2021 Oulu, Finland


I: like polishing a champagne glass, II: easily fractured, III: like a garden of windchimes, IV: perfection of shape, V: coda

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Comissioned by and dedicated to Koiteli Kollektiivi (Reeta Maalismaa, Riina Salminen ja Outi Nissi)

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