Kuningatarmehiläisen kuoriutuessa

by Aino Tenkanen

for symphony orchestra

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Aino Tenkanen

Kuningatarmehiläisen kuoriutuessa

Music Finland


The beehive is bubbling, the new Queen will soon hatch. When it is released from the cell, it sings a melody. It is a sign for the other bees: the moment has come. "When the Queen Bee Hatches", is commissioned by the Vaasa City Orchestra, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024.

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Mehiläispesässä kuohuu, uusi kuningatar kuoriutuu pian. Kennosta vapautuessaan se laulaa melodian, jonka kuullessaan muut mehiläiset tietävät hetken tulleen. Kuningatarmehiläisen kuoriutuessa on Vaasan kaupunginorkesterin tilaus, joka juhlistaa orkesterin kunnallistamisesta kulunutta 50-vuotta.



2222 2200 01, str


Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble


15.2.2024 in Vaasa City Hall, conductor Tomas Djupsjöbacka


10 min performative section (Half of the orchestra is improvising with certain rules on the lobby area.) 4 min Strictly out written and conducted composition 2 min performative section (Few windplayers are repeating an out written loop while forming a procession led by "queen bee flutists" and walking away from the hall.)

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Commissioned by Vaasa City Orchestra

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