Koiruoho, ruusunkukka

by Vilho Luolajan-Mikkola

Wormwood, Rose Flower (or songs of the sorrows and joys of the tinsmith Lindblad after the poems by P. Mustapää)

eli lauluja läkkiseppä Lindbladin ikävästä ja riemusta P. Mustapään runoihin

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Vilho Luolajan-Mikkola

Koiruoho, ruusunkukka

Music Finland

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P. Mustapää


The final version [the order of the songs follows the recording OKECD 1050]1. Koiruoho, ruusunkukka (Wormwood, Rose Flower) (1949?-1959?)*Duration: 3'15''2. Elämän kauneus (The Beauty of Life) (1949?-1959?)*Duration: 2'47''3. Kansansävelmä (Folk Melody)(1949?-1959?)*Duration: 1'45''4. Yön hämyssä viileässä (In the Cool of the Night) (1976)Duration: 2'15''5. Aamulypsyn aikaan (At Milking Time) (1977)Duration: 7'50''6. Paratiisi (Paradise) (1977)Duration: 2'50''7. Kultadublee-koruun (The Gold-plated Trinket) (1977)Duration: 3'30''8. Laulu (Song) (1972)Duration: 2'05''Published also in the collection Kolme laulua rakastetuille (1986)9. Eräs kesäilta (A Summer Evening) (1977)Duration: 4'55''10. Laulu kuun peilistä (Song of the Mirror of the Moon) (1977)[in ES/SL 1972; should be 1977 according to the composer’s manuscript; see undated manuscript; around 1977 below]Duration: 2'20''11. Monumentti (Monument) (1977)Duration: 4'50''12. Sooria-Mooria (1977)Duration: 3'17''13. Tietäjä (The Seer) (1977)Duration: 6'15''14. Muutto (The Move) (1949-1959?)*Duration: 4'45''Total duration: ca. 53'Publisher (1., 2., 3. and 14.) (1959): Warner/Chappell Music FinlandDistributor of the others (manuscripts): Fimic*According to a note by the composer (OKECD 1050), the first songs in the cycle were composed in 1949 although he does not state which of them; thus the four earliest songs were written between 1949 and 1959 (the time the pieces were first published). See the version published in 1959 below.version published in 19591. Koiruoho, ruusunkukka2. Elämän kauneus3. Kansansävelmä4. MuuttoDedicated to Väinö MaukonenPublished (1959): Warner/Chappell Music Finlandundated manuscript; around 19591. Koiruoho, ruusunkukka2. Kansansävelmä3. Elämän kauneus[Fimic]undated manuscript; around 1977[with a mention that the songs are in chronological order; no dates have, however, been given]1. Laulu (1972)2. Yön hämyssä viileässä (1976)3. Sooria-Mooria (1977)4. Monumentti (1977)5. Tietäjä (1977)6. Kultadublee-koruun (1977)7. Aamulypsyn aikaan (1977)8. Paratiisi (1977)9. Eräs kesäilta (1977)10. Laulu kuun peilistä (1977)Distributor: Fimic

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