by Magnus Lindberg

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Magnus Lindberg



Kiri is one of the many impromptu pieces that Lindberg has written for the concerts of his Toimii ensemble. Quite often these pieces are adaptations of his older works, or sketches for the works he is conceiving for the future. The latter is true of Kiri, which embodies the skeleton of the first movement of the big orchestral piece Aura. Kiri was first performed at a Toimii concert in Rotterdam, and later reproduced at the Lerchenborg festival in Denmark.

© Risto Nieminen, ca. 1993

translated by © Nick Le Quesne

© Ircam - Centre Georges-Pompidou

(From Magnus Lindberg, Helsinki 1996)


cl, vlc, perc, harmonizer


Chamber Works


Toimii Ensemble, cond. Magnus Lindberg, Rotterdam, October 15, 1993.

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