by Tapio Tuomela

The Fur Hat Opera

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Tapio Tuomela



The Fur Hat Opera lays bare the workings of the state and power, and the
fate of the little people and nature in it all. The opera raises
questions about sacrification of nature, guilt, deception, forgiveness,
community empowerment and can one forgive wrongdoings against nature,
culture and humanity. The opera brings to light a range of societal
tensions: the salmon-fishing farmers v. the state, urban v. rural, old
ways v. blind belief in development, and nature v. economics.


fl+pic+afl, ob+ehn, cl+bcl, bsn+cbsn, hn, 2vln, vla, vlc, db, chf, vocs


Works for the Stage


Sami Parkkinen


Ville Rusanen, Mari Palo, Hanna Rantala, Juha Uusitalo et al vocals, Lapland Chamber Orchestra, Kaari Ensemble, John StorgÄrds, cond. September 1, 2022, Rovaniemi, Finland

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