Judith's songs

by Kyösti Haatanen

Music from an unwritten opera, op. 6An operatic cantata

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Kyösti Haatanen

Judith's songs

Savonlinna Opera Festival

Five main soloists (S Ms T Bar B), mixed choir and symphony orchestra: 2(picc.),2,2(Bcl.),2(Cbsn.) 4,3,3,1 harp, celesta, timp+4 (vibrafon), strings


Vocal and Choral Works


1. VISIONS Vision of the old king Nabuchodonosor’s commandment to war How fair she was… 2. IN THE TENT OF HOLOFERNES The opening speech of Holofernes Achior’s couplet Tumult 3. IN THE CITY The young women’s scene ”Return, O Shulamite” The story of the young princess ”I sleep, but my hearth waketh” The agony of the blockadeds ”A great injury ye have done us” Judith’s prayer 4. PSALM (after the death of a great king) 5. THE MOLTEN CALF SCENE The sacramental procession Pagan music scene

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