Jag vet hur tiden kom

by Pauliina Isomäki

I Know How the Time Has Come

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Pauliina Isomäki

Jag vet hur tiden kom

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Jag vet hur tiden kom (I know how time was born) -poems are written from a child's point of view in which reality, dreams and imagination have no borderlines. The great mysteries of life make the narrator confused, but fortunately the moon knows everything and whispers soothing words. The musical style is freetonal and the melodic line heightens the atmosphere of the poems. The unusual instrumentation has proved to work well as the cello gives a solid ground and the oboe blends well with the mezzo soprano voice.


mezzo, ob, vlc


Vocal and Choral Works




Rolf Parland


Kitty von Wright, mezzo-soprano, Barbro Kvist, oboe, Elina Jaanu, cello, Helsinki, February 7, 1994

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