Jack and the Specifics

by Sami Klemola

for foley-artist and chamber orchestra

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Sami Klemola

Jack and the Specifics


Works for Soloist(s) and Orchestra


Avanti! Chamber Orchestra, conductor John StorgÄrds and foley-artist Heikki Kossi in Porvoo Art Factory, Avanti Hall in XXXII Summer Sounds Festival on June 30, 2017


1. Forest, 2. Man in the Cabin, 3. The Crash, 4. Intermezzo, 5. Friction, 6. Underwater, 7. "Message deleted", 8. Tom, Jack and bipolar Jerry (probably in space) (cartoon), 9. Machina, 10. Cadenza, 11. Exit (hallway vertigo), 12. Still life

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